Monday, April 13, 2015

Traffic hazards when riding - a reminder

Wheels of Happiness

                      Who is at fault, the taxi or the MC?

One can not help but again remind fellow riders of the hazards that confront us when we ride (of course we are seen as hazards by others)  We would like to classify the hazards as those coming from:

road obstacles
other two wheeled vehicles and
four wheeled vehicles

Road obstacles:

1.  Broken glasses - can cause sudden flats (blow outs though are rare) but can can cause you to lose control

2.  Uneven road surface caused by frequent asphalt overlay  (they could be as high as six inches) and cause you to crash)

3.  Cracks between asphalt and concrete -  if you cross this or fall into the crevice you could lose control and crash

4.  Manhole covers on the street. This is observed in Tuazon and Legaspi Avenue and Pasig (even past Sandoval bridge near Eagle Electric factory)

There could be large cracks between the cover or between the covers and the road, or that the cover line of angle bar could be very sharp to puncture your tires.

It is best, and the only thing you could do is avoid them


I have observed this in Cardona and elsewhere where life is not fast.  Pedestrians cross without looking at vehicles and usually they face away from the traffic. Di ba look to your left and to your right if crossing a two way street.  Well in one way street, they do not care.  Watch out guys.... In the Philippines, the rule, first no cause harm.  If you injure someone, even if it is your fault, then it is your fault/ responsibility.

Other two wheeled vehicles (mostly trikes and MCs)

1.  Wrong signal  -  they will have signal light blinking to the left but will turn to the right, or will not turn to the right.

2.  Overtaking from the wrong side.  They will dart from your right and then suddenly swerve in front of you.  Or worse, suddenly stop.

3. You could be sandwiched:  -   A jeep or trike stops in front of you suddenly.  And then you try to evade but a fast moving MC jeep or trike comes from your left. You have no choice except to stop.  But what is more dangerous is that a trike or MC overtaking from your right suddenly sees a parked obstacle to his right, he will squeeze you and if there is a vehicle alongside  you to your left, you could be squeezed, crash fall and be ran over.

                        All ready the accident is inviting UZis

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