Sunday, April 9, 2017

Happy Domingo de Ramos (palaspas) and biking

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 9, 2017

There are 3 events to commemorate today:

1. The fall of Bataan
2. The 66th birthday of my better half
3.  Domingo de Ramos (the prelude to the Holy Week)

The last recalls the triumphant entry of the Lord Jesus Christ to Jerusalem.  He was welcomed by Hosannas and waving of the palm fronds (hence Ramos).  The very same people later in the week would ask for his crucifixion (warns of treachery of "friends")

Today is also a great day for biking.  I biked to Morong then to Teresa Antipolo and then home.

I first passed at Sacred Heart Parish in Tayuman, joined the throng who waited for the blessing of their palaspas, then to Simples Lugawan, and then to Teresa and Antipolo.  In the Antipolo church, the crowd, church goers as in Tayuman were twice the usual numbers (the Catholics loved rites and ceremonies)  In Cardona there is a procession of men and women garbed in white and wore no footwear in the procession  (ang baste)

 The interesting part of my ride was as usual my chase story.  As I biked to Sacred Heart I noticed two road riders:   one in black, red and white jersey, and the other one in blue (I did not realize they were Dennis and Joel) whom I passed.  Of course I stopped at Sacred Heart church.  Then after the Our Father prayer, I rode again and saw 2 MTB whom I chased.  I caught up with them at Binangonan Municipal hall and passed them at Calumpang.  We were clustered again before the Binangonan Convention Center where I tried to chase one of their riders in black and rusty red.At this stage, I recognized Joel Javier (and Dennis)   Then at Montevideo, the one in 29er with White, Blue with Wanted signage passed me.  I caught up with him and passed him past the Cardona Church.    I spun until Callahan and stood  up on the pedals, there watching him if I was towing him up.   He was nowhere to be seen  until the straight past Cardona Morong boundary.

He caught up with me at Morong town proper just past the church. Gave chase again and overtook him before Namay after the ascent.  and until Simples.  We conversed at Lugawan and learned that he is a policeman at Cainta, boss nila dati si General Adriano (the PC) who is bike lover, and he has a Control Tech Ti bike with 2 x 11 xt.  He said I was a strong rider.   He is a friend of Joel.  He all ready has a son who is also a bike rider

Joel and Dennis arrived some 5 minutes later at Simples

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