Saturday, April 15, 2017

Edgar de los Reyes our kapadyak from Cardona is getting better

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 15, 2017

I visited Edgar (7 days) today as I rode with Vhen today, to say hello.  (When we say how do you do, people are really saying "I love you"  from a Louie Armstrong song).

So he is much better now, he gained weight and is color is back to normal.  He said he used to feel faint and breathless even when biking for a short distance.  The symptoms: bum stomach, pain from gout, faint, difficulty in breathing appeared after the Baguio ride.

I also found out that he has been taking energy drink for about a year (which MDs are saying to be bad for the health).  It must have caused his high uric acid, the gouty arthritis, and his problem with the kidneys.

Warnings issued on Energy Drinks

He is suffering from low iron/RBC, pain from gout, and high creatinine (candidate for dialysis)   He is on Chinese and Western medication.  The Chinese medication said it took care of his RBC and kidney.   The Western med took care of his low RBC, his kidney.  But his high uric acid level is not being addressed.

He is 60 years old and I said to him we have to thank the Lord for that long joyful years of life He gave us. We even thank Him for bonus number of years.  If we get sick, He alone knows the best of us and we offer the same to Him, including the pain and discomfort.

But Ed will get better if he wants to because he alone is the best doctor for himself.

Think of good things not bad. Think of HAPPINESS, not sad.

Get better Ed.

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