Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fellow riders, protect ourselves from extreme heat when outside temperatures can reach 42 degrees or more

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Rizal Philippines
April 29 2017

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Riding cool this summer

Rising heat index in the Philippines

The weather news let us know that temperatures during the day are at extreme.  Before it was unusual to have temps at 40+ during the day.   Our body temps is at 37 degrees Celsius only.  

I observed this and confirmed that outside temp at say 1 pm is 42 degrees when I rode in somebody elses SUV.   I heard that a tricycle driver died, even while in the shade two days ago.   He had a massive stroke.  At around that time, I was going to the office and held off because I was feeling faint because of the heat.

So here are the tips for mc riders which could apply to bike riders too.

As in runners this could be:

Tips for MC riders to keep cool

1.  Ride run at the coolest time of the day.  If possible run at shaded areas;

2. Hydrate drink often

3.  Wear warmers and other clothing to shade your skin from heat of the sun.

4.  Wear cooling vests (?)

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