Monday, May 1, 2017

Simples Lugawan has been relocated - gone from its former place

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Rizal Philippines
May 1, 2017

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                                  It is a joy to me to find out that when I  searched the google for
                                  Simples Lugawan, my pictures and the post came out.  Ha6

If you have been biking to Morong and eating your breakfast at Simples Lugawan, you may be surprised that the lugawan is no longer in front of the house.  It is all ready at the side of the house fronting the road towards Baras.  The DPWH took possession of the location of the former lugawan (including that of the barangay hall to give way to geometric dividers for the highway as beginning from Sec. Singson, the highways have been widened.

So if you bike this week and other week ends, you know where to find the Lugawan.  At the same low low price (Lugaw with egg only P15.00.  Butsi  only P6.00, Mt. Dew  with lots of ice only P14.00

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