Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I got grazed by a motorcycle yesterday in Tayuman

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 10, 2017

As I was biking home yesterday, right in front of the Sacred Heart Parish in Tayuman, I got grazed by a motorcycle overtaking from my left.  Well, it happened that way, because he was overtaking a jeep from the right, and to my right there is another motorcycle trying to overtake me and I was in a squeeze. (tight fix)

I was glad it was just a grazing because had it been closer, I would have broken my wrist and my arm or could have fallen into the path of the other MC to my right overtaking me.   I was sort of chaotic (well as traffic in the morning is chaotic.

This reminds us of the post of Kapadyak Maikenzero Fena who decries accidents after we scrimped for the bike parts, and more that can be done by the government to protect the bikers.

Minsan... di natin masisisi ang mga siklista kung bakit sila NAPAPAMURA,NAGAGALIT O NAKAKAGAWA NG MASAMA kapag o sa tuwing nakakabagsak o nakakabunggo ka ng isang bisikleta sa daan. Bakit nga ba? Dahil bawat pyesa na nakakabit sa kanyang bike eh dugot pawis ang ipinambili doon. Halos minsan ay tinitipid ang sarili maging maganda lamang ang ating mga kaibigang bisikleta upang sa bawat pag arangkada sa daan ay maramdaman ang bilis ng bawat pinaghirapan. Kaya dapat din naman tayong tignan ng pamahalaan para sa ligtas na daanan. Mga siklistang mas pinili ang pag padyak kesa sa bumili ng ipinagbabawal na gamot. Ikaw, kaisa ka ba sa pag padyak???

The post elicited a long thread of comments.

In the case of the grazing of my arm yesterday, the role of the govt was in the licensing, and the bike lane construction.  The licensing could have been tougher and stricter with seminars on safety.  The bike lane is something else.  It involves expenditures for the road marking, enforcement (the traffic enforcers should enforce this) and involvement of bike clubs to educate members on bike lane use.

Much of what would happen on the road, depends much on the individuals, the riders the citizenry and I decry the too much dependence on the role of government which has also limited resources:   money and manpower.  They could do only so much.

The riders the other riders (I could not blame myself for I was the victim) could have much more, higher perspective on road safety and road sharing.  

Most of the riders we and the MC love adventure love the wind rushing by as we speed up on the road, with utter disregard for safety

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