Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Making up for the missed Sierra Madre ride last Sunday 84 km

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 18, 2017

I made up for the ride to Sierra Madre last Sunday.  Wearing only slippers and ordinary walking shorts, I biked up to Sampaloc Tanay.  I had lugaw at Simples at 7:30 and started my journey by 8:00.  I was at peak of Sampaloc by 9:30 (it is a hard ride) and started my descent by 10;00.

At Jen jens bukohan I met a rider (MTB) from Baras, an education graduate,  who has a Mosso MTB  His name is Von (Tanto?) from Baras near the cemetery.    He was behind me on the descent and then lost him on the plains.  He said he was afraid of high speed descent and I said he must master counter steering on descent to control his speed.

One of the things I could be proud on this ride is I used only 42 x 36 lowest gear on the ascent which meant this is still high gear.   I used to use 32 or 34 on the ascent up to Jen Jen

And then I totalled the distance.  I rode 42 km one way (70 - 28 km reading at Angono).   Total distance is 84 vs 94 they rode last Sunday.

Is this a good substitute make up ride?

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