Friday, January 13, 2017

My rashes from the Jalajala crash have healed; I biked to Antipolo this morning

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 13, 2017

My rashes (deep scratches from the crash) have healed.  They are now dry and thanks to the advice of Gerry to apply sili on the wounds (owwwwww how painful) they healed without pus and watery discharge.

The pain was gone and hence I biked to Antipolo using a MTB though I used low gearing.  32 was the the chain ring I used through out spinning from 17 to 28.  I was a little bit off by about 5 mins in the ascend.  But on time for the descent.  I descended until Angono in 30 minutes.

I might be able to fully recover by Sunday and join the Sierra Madre climb this Sunday..  I may use an MTB though to be sure.

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Saw Long Henson at San Jose Bakery at M. Diaz, first street with his new passion, a Roadie Look with Durace group set.   (Is he leaving the MTB route?)

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