Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Which type of bike to bring to Baguio City ride: roadie or MTB?

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Rizal Philippines
January 25, 2017

There is an ongoing internal debate going in my head:  what type of bike to bring for Baguio City ride for February 10, 2017.  For the last 7 rides, it has been roadie.  5x on the Sars bike and 2x on Fuji.   (We rode to Banawe Rice Terrraces last June 2016,, did we not?)

I used compact x 25 and compact x 28 (Zip tires of VM on last two rides)

However since January of last year, I bought MTBs and have been riding most of the time on MTBs. I did a long ride to Majayjay covering 200 km out and back on a SAVA carbon fiber MTB, I did a Jarrel ride on an MTB about 140 km   Most of Recyclists suggest Road Bike;  some suggest and even Long Henson road bike on flats, and MTB at Baguio City.    Meong suggested. bring two bikes :  one Roadie up to Urdaneta and MTB from Urdaneta till Baguio.

MinZap who will join with Jun on MTB suggest MTB kaming tatlo.  He says any way I have been doing MTBs lately.  He says kaya ko
                                                     Bianchi roadie or

                                                         SAVA titanium?
Which of the options will be best.?

Today I did several loops at Medalva (Botong Francisco Avenue) in Angono using the SAVA and only 42 x 36 as the lowest gear. up to the peak.

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