Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bike ride to Antipolo Church and Tanay on New Years day

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 1, 2017

My first activity for the year  was riding to Antipolo Church to listen to the mass, and get blessing for the new year.  I shook hands with about 8 bikers, mostly oldies and seniors like me who waited for the mass to finish.   We finished the mass by 8:30 and then biked down to Teresa, Morong, Baras and Tanay.  I was in Tanay by 9:30.  Oh I missed the free food at Pisong Kape which according to other kapadyak is done annually during New Year.

I looked for place to eat and there was none at Tanay and Morong.   In Morong  I guess it was group of Jeff, Val and Ed Valdez who overtook me between Lagundi and Maybancal  I did not catch up with them

I found my food:  crackers, coffee, and BJ (buko juice) at sari sari store right before the diversion.  There the group of Mambog riders arrived with Mr.  Aragon  very much ahead.  They all brought roadies with compact chain rings. (I had 53 39 chain ring and still rode via diversion road. Now I find it easier to ride home via diversion. Just short hard effort and no traffic hazards)

I did not realize that it could be that long and I will be home by 12:00.  Well any way I left by 7:30 am.

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