Monday, January 9, 2017

Alan Astorga and I collided in Jalajala, we crashed and I have plenty of rashes to show.

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 9, 2017

Happy new crash accidents for Alan and myself.

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                         Moments after the crash;  note the
                         rashes on my knees:   4 on the left, and
                         two on the right.

The Jalajala ride could have an uneventful ride for me/us were it not for the unfortunate incident that involved Alan and me.  We were negotiating a half lane of a road undergoing construction near the boundary of Jalajala and Mabitac.   A Honda just met us head on. some riders who included Alan, digressed into the newly concreted portion.  I and the rest negotiated the left lane.

Alan tried to swerve into our path, his rear wheel hit a rock crashed into me (he must be 80 kgs) and was thrown off with the impact and he was all over me (my pagnanasa)

It was good that the wheel were not twisted but the head post and the STI were thrown off the usual places.  The chain jumped and fortunately for many of the Recyclists around us, repaired the bike pronto.

As for me:   I had rashes on my right wrist on my right knee (two places) my left knee (5 places) and my left arm (one place but 1.5 inches long.

Uhhhhh ang hapdi.   I could not move my left leg and had trouble when waking up.   I spent the whole night and early this morning, dressing my wounds with peroxide (putting garlic juice and sili as per advice of Gerry K) to disinfect the wounds.  I also sprinkled anti biotic powder to supplement the alternative medicine  methods.

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                            Alan is just recovering from a crash
                            in Antipolo

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                            Nanding, Me, VM and Vhen

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               The Balubar bros, I and VM (the Saguinsin bros)

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                              Press and me at Punta

My injuries:  both knees and left arm

                      Ginamot ng sili as per Gerry's advice;
                very painful but rapid healing, no inflammation

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