Sunday, January 15, 2017

Unable to join the Sierra Madre ride, although I reached Simples Lugawan

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 15, 2017

                             Rapid healing of the rashes after one week;  no pus and infection due to sili
                                  (the left one hood)

                                 The skin around the wound are healing and stretching causing the
                                                very slight pain

I was unable to join the ride to Sierra Madre this morning.  I intended to ride only up to Sacred Heart to see the kapadyak off but they were not there. I spun up to Calumpang and there I saw Richard and Vhen and I was motivated to bike further.  I said I would join them up to Morong as I had no tools, no money, no uniform, wearing only slippers and my knees were aching a little bit (the skin around the wounds was stretching and causing a little bit of pain).  But the troops were in full force:   Meong, Master, Jess, Alan, Pres Luis, Vhen Engr June, Joel Ambet (and even saw Gerry Y) riding up to Morong in Morong highway (near Cardona)

So only 3 weeks to go before the big ride to Baguio.  I hope I got the mileage from the Jalajala ride.

On the way back, I rode with Reymond Pactao from whom I bought the Bianchi frame of my road bike, via diversion road.  That is developing the lungs and legs for the Kennon road ascent.   And the confidence.

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