Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fast and furious hard anaerobic rides

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 22, 2017

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For the past 3 days, I do not have a decent long ride.  But yesterday and this morning I did fast and furious hard anaerobic rides.  I am tired and spent from this ride and I have to sleep early.

Yesterday I raced with the jeep using an MTB I must be doing 30 to 32 kph which is fast for MTB.  An indicator that I was fast was that a jeep whom I overtook and observed arrived some 4 minutes later.

I also overtook a car

This morning we had PE at Taytay MEG.  The ladies hired bikes and we went around the technopark (where there are races)   We did 2 loops.    On the way back our staff rode on the jeep which I led until Valera.  After Valera and up to Angono, I did not see the jeep again.

Hard rides like this I think develop speed and strength..  They also leave you very hungry and tired and in need of deep sleep always

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