Sunday, January 22, 2017

Getting ready for the Baguio ride on February 10, 2017

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 22, 2017

As we waited for the food to be served at Manay's, Richard who is serving as the coordinator of VM (he is in Baguio City now) announced the following:

1. We depart on February 10, 2017 5 am.  Assembly is at Holy Gardens Angono.

    Estimated time of arrival at various points:

February 10, 2017
    7 to 7;30  Ayala Hts Balara

     8 to 8:30  Marilao   breakfast /snacks

    10 to 11 San Fernando for refreshment

    12 to 12 30  Dau for lunch

      2 to 2:30 Hacienda Luisita

      4 to 4:30   Sm Rosales

      5 to 5:30   Urdaneta at Engr. June's place

      7:00 dinner courtesy of Engr June

February 11, 2017

      5:30 am breakfast courtesy of Engr June

      6:00 depart for Rosario

      7:30 snacks at Rosario

      8:00 depart for Baguio

      11:00 arrive at Camp 6.
        1:00 arrive at view deck

        3:00 arrive at Baguio city;
        ayos gamit and then lunch

        7:00 pm dinner

        9:00 to 12 socials

February 12

      7:00 breakfast

      8 to 9:  empake

      9 go to bus station

     3 to 4 estimated time of arrival at Cubao

    5 to  6 pm -  Home na

2.  Damages:   P500.00 for lodging at Baguio, P100 to 200 gas;;  Total between 600 to 700

     Food at Dau,  lunch, dinner , breakfast at Baguio;   kkb;   your snacks and refreshment on the way are for your own account.

    Bus fare.  KKB

3.  Bring two sets of jersey, and your own toilereties at sleeping clothes adopted to cold weather.

4.  Engr June will take care of lodging at Urdaneta, dinner and breakfast.  (Wow.  Thanks Engr - just quoting you)

Next week, the last tune up will either be at Luisiana (it usually rains there) or Tagaytay.  Then light ride one week before February 10

If you are not ready, please think of the ride in 4 stages (the first day is the toughest ) divided into 4 segments of 50 km each.  If we ride at 20 kph, we can cover the entire distance in 10 hours (that is from 5 to 3 pm.  Kayang kaya

The Baguio portion is only 74 km: 40 km from Urdaneta to Rosario.   the 33 km is the climb.  The hardest part is only from Black Mountain to Baguio City proper only 10 km.  Parang Bugarin ride lang.  If at any point you are distressed, get off and rest.  It is not a race

Kayang kaya. if we practice well and set our mind to it.

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