Wednesday, December 28, 2016

40 km ride yesterday to Antipolo, 50 km ride today to Tanay

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 28, 2016

I am taking the challenge of riding to Baguio on first week of February seriously.

Yesterday, I left early for ride up to Antipolo.  It is about 20 km out and 20 km back.   It took more than 30 minutes going up.  At hard gear.  39 x 23.    And going back to tower hills 53 x 25.  I brought my Bianchi bike.

There was somebody who overtook me downhill with a 29er.  But I held my ground and rode on strongly up to Angono covering the distance from Tikling to Angono in 5 minutes.

Today I biked to Tanay up to km 55.   I brought my Sava titanium bike.

Some interesting high lights:

1.   I did six  intervals (sprints)   one going up Callahan on a high gear -   42 x 17, and on the flats from  from Callahan to Morong Market 42 x 13.  Then going up the Baras pantok    42 x 19.  I chased some Mt. Bikers whom I later caught up at KM 54.  They rested there.

     On the way back, I did the following intervals:

     Going up back the pantok doing again 42 x 19.

     At the diversion road, past the Crystal Subdvision  entrance, (after the hard climb) at 42 x 32.  (I had to climb at 42 x 36)

    At Calumpang road:   from Y  going maybe 35 to 37 kph, then finally at the Island gas Hill trying very hard to do something beyond 30 kph and chase the tricycle in front of me.

My body aches now and I am sure that I developed some strength and speed for the Baguio ride

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