Sunday, December 11, 2016

Challenging rides today December 11 and yesterday the 10th

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 11, 2016

I had two challenging rides:  yesterday and today.  Yesterday, I did the Botong Francisco hill climbs at Medalva.  I must have done the climb 4x and a distance nearly as long as Taytay.  I joined our staff on a PE.  And as they climbed, I climbed up, down and climbed again.  As they descended, I rode slowly, rode up again and descended with them.   I came out of the ride, perspiring one and a half hour after the event.

Today I happened to be towed by Meong on the way to Morong. I still was wearing my slippers but Recyclists tops.   We were together until the convention center when he left me. (He rode a road bike)  He lost me but I caught up with him after Callahan where he got a flat tire.   Then came Weng, Papa Ric and then Ado Gonzaga.  I learned that Ado has not biked for the last 1 1/2 months because of kidney stones.  He said he got cured by eating apples.   Please take note of that cheap cure

On the way back I rode up the diversion and I was able to do the first part of the climb before the bend using 42 x 28 and then completed the climb with 42 x 36 for easier (that was the biggest chain ring.  And then I practiced riding with my elbows bent and and forearm straight for speed.

    1.  Aerodynamics
    2.  Clothing
   3.  Posture during rides

       1.  Clean your bike;
       2.  Remove other accessories
       3.  Brakes correctly installed
       4.  Bearings

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