Saturday, December 24, 2016

Getting farther and faster - on the way to full recovery

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas tomorrow.

Today, I biked to Niogan Pililla.  I left at 6:40 and reached Pisong Kape at about 8:10 and finished my lugaw (now P25.00 no longer P20.00) and finished by 8:30. I met Boy Naval (he has a new Mosso Alum 720 bike with Tiagra group set) and Papa Ric.  Papa Ric said the rest of Recylists were at Maybancal but wont bike to Pisong Kape  By 9:00 I was at Niogan Pililla and back again at Pisong Kape by 9:30.

On the way back I rode with a MTB rider from Bilibiran.  But I lost him somewhere in Morong.  Then I passed at Cardona diversion for greater challenge.  Again 39 x 32.  I thought I would stop at the right hand turn. But I did not (I was tired from the long ride to spot almost at Jala jala)  However, I made for that near miss by sprinting up the hill of Crystal East and then to the next hill before descent (maybe at l5 to l7 kph)

There was too much traffic from San Juan up to Pantok and even at Barrio road.

Riding a bike is like riding an airplane.  I hour of maintenance and cleaning for every one hour of ride.  After eating:   I did the following:  

1.  Swapped the front and rear tires.  The rear tires were wearing faster than the front tires

2.  Regreased the front axle (it looked lazier)

3.  Repaired the bar tape. (The wrapping became loose)

4.  Cleaned the chain, sprocket and chain ring

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