Friday, December 30, 2016

Practice ride for speed; overtaking every one else making sure no one gets ahead

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 30, 2016

Happy Rizal Day (120th death anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, at Luneta)

I biked today after listening to the first part of the mass at Sacred Heart.   And then when I saw bikers, roadies MTBs i sprinted and overtook every one else. The last one and second to the hardest was the group I overtook at Callahan.  There must be more than a dozen of them. However, they slowed down after the descent at the flats and promptly took the lead again.   I must have overtaken about 6 groups  of bikers until Morong.   At Morong though, one batch of determined bikers right after the market, overtook me. I upped my cadence to catch them  till the Namay hill.  There I stood and overtook every one else.  No one overtook me no more at Sagbat.

At Simples Lugawan, there were Master, Echo, Meong and Joel.  Then Engr June arrived and we talked about the proposed ride to Baguio and his new assignment at his employer.  He is in charge of Region I and III for the distribution sale and service of industrial freezing equipment but with a twist - without the freezer wow.  That is interesting. I promised him to support with former students who are into frozen food, products, or food production, including uncle who in engaged into broiler and poultry products production.

Biking home ( I had to attend the Mariano Unidad Garapon reunion at 10 am at Holy Gardens) I passed at Cardona town proper (first time I did not pass diversion).  I did sprint at Calumpang 2x with the hardest one at Island Gas.

Thereafter I spied a roadie with Canyon carbon fiber bike and Cosmic wheel set.  I gave chase and tried to run him down.  There was too much traffic though that we were able to do some chasing only past Bilibiran until Holy Gardens Angono.  I learned that he is from Cainta Greenwoods.  I must have done a lot of hard work because I am aching all over.  Too much lactic acid in the body

Too much yabang, bragging before the year end?  My apologies to the readers/kapadyak

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