Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sometimes the only real self improvement we could do for the week is a bike ride; or the only achievement for the week

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 9, 2016

We always ask and reflect why we ride despite the absence of any real material gain.  Most of the time we lose with our investments and pain during practice or crash.

Well we ride, because sometimes it is t he only real self improvement effort we could do for the week, for our health, and to improve ours skills (the biking skill) and capability.  Biking enables us to practice focus, determination, and dedication to an endeavor.  We could not afford graduate studies, or seminar or a life coach, but a bike ride teaches us to dig deep into our inner self to find out more about our selves.  And we are happier as we make the discovery in every ride.

With all the bad news, with all the negative people we meet every day, and with all the frustration, biking may be the only positive thing we experience during the week.  We are the king of our destination, or our speed, and direction not to be frustrated by any one else (except by the MC, jeepney driver, or tricycle)  But in an open road, there is no boss breathing down our neck, no competitor to block our way, no tsismis to hurt our feelings.  It is only you/us enjoying the bike and the earth.

That is why we spend endless hours preparing for our bike ride:  cleaning and tuning up the bike, choosing the color and the combination of the jersey to wear;  becoming fit for the week end ride by weights, and light rides.  Sometimes, when we go out for the ride, we affirm our identity and appearance.  We appear more guapo with our tight shorts and upper, with our eye wear and helmet.

And that gives us a sense of pleasure and pride.

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