Monday, October 3, 2016

This province PPO leadership went on a biking spree yesterday round Jalajala

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 3, 2016

Yesterday, we were troubled by Wangwang of a group of bikers who had police escorts and Mahindra Patrol Cars. I thought them to be sponsored by the PPO (the provincial commander loves biking and he likes that station commander bike too:  our town and other neighboring towns station commanders have top of the line bikes)  In one of the towns, where our comrade Gerry met an accident, the investigator told me that the station commander owns an expensive mountain bike.

As we passed at Cardona, we saw the hordes resting;  while the Pisong Kape, they passed by.  They were about 2 dozens.

At Jalajala, at Bagumbong, the sound of Wang2 startled us and the presence of 3 police MC escorts signalling us to stay at the side.  Of course, I we did not I overtook them on many occasions and I recognized the guy in blue and light green shirt who was leading the troops sponsored the Cardona 4x loop  He was very much improved rider.  Now leading by fast pace.   We learned from the other riders that:    1.  It was biking with business;  while biking the PPO inspected the station commander.  2.  Most of those who were riding are police officers;   only 8 are civilians.

They of course could not match the speed of the road bike;  Meong overtook most of them after we left Jalajala.  The civilian bikers rested and stopped just before Pisong Kape;  some of  them rode the patrol vehicles (laspag na)

P.S:  from what we heard, they are stronger because they do #hardinterval training at Hill Top often (from Tikling up to Hill top)

May be it is a great way to develop higher fitness level among cops to:

1.  To arrest criminals especially the drug pushers and addicts
2.  To organize bike patrols (to save on gas and patrol vehicles maintenance as in NYC.

But we rode on.

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