Sunday, October 9, 2016

Our bike ride to #Famy today, October 9, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 9, 2016

In response to text message of Meong, I rode to Sacred Heart Church in  Tayuman this morning.   There I found waiting, Jess V, Richard, Pres Luis and Nolite.  Later Master E came  At about  6:20 since no one was coming any more we rode out to Pisong Kape.  Later Gerry K  and Weng joined us along the way.   I was ahead of the group until Callahan when hell broke loose and they overtook me.  However I did HID and overtook them on the way to Morong.   They regained the lead at Namay and never relinquished the same.  

Only I and Nolite were battling it out at Biak na Bato.   We arrived at Pisong Kape at 7:20 which was a furious pace.  We waited until 8:00 am for VM,
Joel, Master E, and Vec (the market master)

When they arrived, they had the following reasons for not joining:

#VM -   loose pedal
Vec - galing sa sakit (ako galing sa sakit din)
Master E - #bagong bunot
Joel - kulang sa ensayo
Nolite ??

We rode to Bugarin and were there by about 9:00 where we got some water from Manang and then proceeded to Famy.  The rest were way ahead:  Gerry, Jess, Pres Luis, Ed Valdez, Richard. etc.

Those who were at the tail end were:   Peter, Ed (7days) myself and Engr. Ariel  I guess most of them were at Manays Resto by 9:30.  We started eating at 9:45 and were done by 10.  We left by 10:30 and were in Pisong Kape by 11:30.  I and Weng were behind (he accompanied me out of pity)  I did not exert more effort in order to conserve my health and energy.   I even bought rambutan which was only P25.00 per kg.

I was with the troops from Biak na Bato until Tanay where I started seeing them leave me behind.   Cardona by pass junction I turned right, to pass at diversion;  however as I was buying BJ (buko juice) Meong called me and joined the group who took a pit stop and waited for the shower to stop.

However Alan said we would do the diversion and so he Richard and I did the diversion.  However I was not very fit for this ride and was left again.  I caught up with the group at Island gas and URS where I overtook them on a sprint.

It was raining hard and my bike and my jersey were all muddied up.

#GreatRide though

At Sacred Heart Church

                                   Nolite, Jess V and  Meong at Sacred Heart

                                          Richard checking VM and others whereabouts?  Where na u?

                                         Still waiting at Sacred Heart Church

At Pisong Kape, Pililla

                                        Richard and Meong

                                       Richard warning those who will not join Famy ride

At Famy

 Pit stop in Cardona

                                     Meong and Ed sharing secrets

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