Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What really happened to the accident of Ado Gonzaga

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines    |  January 14, 2015

Do you remember our Majayjay ride which Ado Gonzaga did not join?  He met an accident.   Reports reaching us were sketchy.

I met him today at the church yard in Antipolo and his wife.  He said this what happened.

He was going downhill and he avoided a head on collision.  As he was going down at high speed, his bike 7"d (rear wheel slid under him) and as he tried to recover, his chain jumped from the cogs and jammed the wheel causing sudden stop.  He sommersaulted, hit with the back on the pavement.  It was good he held on to his helmet.   His spyder helmet was wrecked totally, and his pump saved his back -- it cushioned his fall, however it left a heavy dent on his back.

He stopped biking for a month, and is now very careful when negotiating downhill. (I do now. We all should ride safe

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