Friday, January 9, 2015

Some wishes for 2015 for road safety as we ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  |  January 10, 2015

             Less pollution, more safety on the road please

There are several wishes we have for 2015 as we start to ride:

1.  Less pollution on the road -    Tricycles and jeep please have your engine tuned up and please do not rev your engine as we trail you or meet us.   A burst of dark gases from your exhaust can damage our open lungs as we exert to sprint or climb hills;

2.  Please remove (disallow)aftermarket  exhaust pipes from MC that blows direct into our face.   When you follow an MC, the exhaust pipe vents into the face of the one following

3.   The traffic enforcer must be sure of what he is doing and must be followed.  Several times, I follow the direction of the traffic enforcer, only to be surprised by a vehicle(s) that  is going head on with you or will T bone you because he ran counter to the direction of the traffic enforcer.

4.  Our teachers/ our pedestrians must repeat, 'LOOK TO YOUR LEFT AND THEN TO YOUR RIGHT" before crossing the road/highway.  Some dont look at all endangering their lives and that of the riders.  Some look, only to the right even if they are just starting to cross,  (As they start to cross, the danger is from their left!!!)

5.  Stop throwing broken glasses or nails at the roads/highways.  It is bad treat for riders to have punctures from broken glass, tacks and nails.  And yet there must be truckloads on the street every where.

6.  Please educate our jeepney drivers who would be willing to maim riders or even kill them just for a few pesos more.

7.  Let us have tricycles:

     1. With drivers who know traffic rules

     2.  With registered units and insurance and with working stop and signal lights.  Most of them dont have

     3.  With signal lights that function correctly: that lights to the right if the driver intends to turn right and so on. Most of their signal lights do the reverse.

8.   Let us have MCs

     1.  Who overtake legally from the left, instead of between the riders, or at the right (which could be scary)

     2.  Please overtake at moderate speed not at l00+ kmh

     3.  Please do not eat our lanes especially at roads with double yellow unbroken lines

    4.  Not to please use crowded roads and streets as their race track because it could be dangerous.  If they crash, their bikes would catapult and hurt plenty

    5. Have their bikes registered with LTO;  many still sport their FOR REGISTRATION PLATES even if the MC has seen better times


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