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Bike ride yesterday, January 4, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines |  January 5, 2014

After reading the book of Arnie Barker, I implemented some of them in yesterday's ride.  He mentioned that there should be:

1. sprints (at least 5)
2.  anaerobic efforts in rides

So I tried this yesterday.  The anaerobic efforts could be something like:  maximal effort (sprint) for 30 seconds to 1 minute coupled with short rests (say 30 secs to 1 minute)  Sprints are all out efforts too and this could be fun with the group.

I left at 6:50 and I biked solo.  The Taytay riders passed me in Calumpang and I did not make make any effort to catch up.  However, I pounded on the last 100 meters of ascend to Montevideo and tried to maintain the gear at hard.

I went past Maybancal.  According to Idol Ed Valdez, you will get strong if you can ride straight 50 km, no stop.  This was confirmed by Boy Naval who said the only time he gets off the bike is when he goes home

I stopped at Pisong Kape had my lugaw and then biked up to Bugarin and down to San Miguel.  The group was there who saw me pass by Simples Lugawan (I took some pictures of the property that was offered in Baras)  Who were there:   Master, VM, Tito Alan, Gerry, Jess, Joel, Luis, Chito, Jeff, Green Lantern.

It was kind of late when I returned.

As you increase your mileage and do some hard riding, going up LLDA or Callahan do not look hard anymore.  Or if you do 3 or 4 minutes continuous standing hard ride.

I was kind of starved when I got home

                         VM and Master E

                       All smiles from VM and Master

                   VM, Joel, Alan, Tito, Master, Erning Mariposa

                     Mr  Fixie;  said he used to ride at velodrome

                        The classier bikers at Tita Carmens

                        The biker with Phil Colors

                     Furniture at San Miguel

                      Is this owned by Mr. Roan?

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