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I biked to Sampaloc solo yesterday December 31, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines    | January 1, 2015

                               The only proof that I biked to Sampaloc.

                              It looks steep; doesnt it?

Happy New Year to one and all.

I ended the year with a very hard ride to Sampaloc Tanay and it was solo ride.

This rider started at about 6:40 and met Romeo Bautista somewhere in Tayuman after leaving the Sacred Heart Church.  Meong as he is called was wearing the green and black jersey and was on 39 x 17 but was riding furiously.  I lead him for a while until the Convention center but he dropped me in the first curve;  he waited for me at Cardona;  he dropped me again at Callahan, I was 25 meters away at Morong Church and because of traffic the gap widened to about 50 meters and I was very very behind at Namay.  He stayed at Morong, and I rode straight to Pililla.  My goal was and is now to ride the 30 km from Angono in one hour.  I still do not.

According to Meong, his goal in his ride to ride hard (which is what some coach recommend) in order to be stronger.  In fairness, I tried to do intervals as I rode with him.

At km 51+ two riders in TT bikes overtook me but I stayed close behind with a gap of say 20 meters.  Near km 52 they slowed down and I attacked till the crest and I in turn passed them on the way down. (descending)  The other guy in green in white TT caught up with me at km 54 and had some conversation: from where I am, where am I going, how old I am.  I let him pass me again at km 55 and so with his companions.  But I still biked furiously as if on TT.   I learned that the equipment of the other biker should not intimidate us.

At km 59, right after the Pilillla municipal hall, two bikers:  one in 711 uniform, another a chubby biker in blue and black jersey passed me at the slight uphill (the one turning right before descending to pisong kape).  I changed to lower gear and pedalled hard.  Lo and I am proud to be Recyclist, I dropped them.

                        Even at my senior age, I still could give chase and drop some of these guys

Then I had breakfast at Pisong Kape and learned that the sibling of the owner of the Pisong Kape did not have to und an open heart surgery this Christmas.  Today, they have their fiesta and she invited me.  I said I am not sure if I can make it.   By 8:30 I started my ride back to Tanay and I was at the intersection by 9:00.   I was not sure if I could make it solo.  It must have been a year or more that I have not ridden up Tanay.

The hardest portion are km 61 and 62 where I have to shift to 39 x27.  And then the 3 km 66 to 69 was lung busting.  I am a bit surprised that despite the high gear of the SARS bike I brought, I did not suffer much and had plenty to spare.  I just had to alight again at the dreaded last 50 meters at the alleged magnetic curve. I had to walk.  There was a light drizzle;  traffic was heavy at the junction and there were lot of shoppers/buyers/"namamalengke" for the new year.  I biked up to the Tracom HQ.

Then had some buko (it was P20.00 per now but was fresh) then went to Sampaloc church and there was on going baptism by about 11 am.  It was drizzling still.  The picture taking took a lot of my time.  I bought sigarillas again at km 60.  Fresh sigarillas and had this steamed for our noche buena.

                                Splendid view of Tanay, the lakeshore and Laguna Lake

                                 Bakasyunan Convention center at Sitio Balimbing

                                       Billboards at Bakasyunan (that is at km 65)

                               Tracom Camp Capinpin


                                The Gathering Cafe before the Jungle Fighter camp

                                       Kubo at the Cafehan

                                  Agoho (native pine tree; a high altitude, cold temp tree)

                                     The kapehan hardin


                              The Lomi at Rudy's taste better but they were closed yesterday

                                  The Sampaloc Hill Inn;  newly constructed

                           Many stalls are sprouting at Marcos Highway near the crossing at Sampaloc

                              A fruit stand;  I bought the P20 php buko here; others sell at P25.00


                           Heavy traffic at Sampaloc crossing because of New Year shopping?!


                               Tiangge at the  of Sampaloc roadl a road hazard?

                                Descending at Sampaloc Road;  magnificent view of Laguna Lake

                                  RIT descending Sampaloc road (I passed them earlier)

                                  Padre Pio Chapel


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