Saturday, January 31, 2015

Batan Island - the main Batanes island; Pacific and China Sea can be seen simultaneously - report by #Jogeustraveler

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal, Philippines   | January 31, 2015

 You can see West Philippine sea at the upper left hand corner, and the Pacific Ocean, with its mighty waves beating on the Eastern shore (photo by Alice Lipio)

Batanes is a great and magnificent place to visit and enjoy.  It is even better than visiting El Capitan In California, or Grand Canyon.  Everywhere you see great stone and rock formation.

Marlboro country

But at this place (pic of which I copied from classmate Alice fb, my camera went dead at this Marlboro Country) called Racuh a Payaman (meaning vast grazing land) you can see:

1.  both sides of Batan island
2.  the West Philippine Sea to the West (to the left) and Pacific Ocean to the East (to the right).  Where in the world can you do that?  Only here in Batanes.

You might be wondering how come the grasses are well trimmed.  Well, it is a communal grazing land.  This side is for carabaos. The other hills are for cows.  The constant munching of grass by these animals keep the grass pitch high (a la golf course)

Each family is allowed only 10 animals to graze at the common grazing land (to prevent tragedy of commons - ie where more animals do not mean more for everybody ---> it can result in death of grass and death of animals due to overfeeding)

The moo wer of grass

This downhill view is clifflike (45 degrees) That is the Pacific Ocean

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