Friday, January 30, 2015

Sun views (sunset and sunrise) at #Batanes

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  |  January 30, 2015

                  Sunset at Marine Sanctuary at the back of Batanes Resort

This author took pictures of sunrise and sunset at Basco Batanes.   But the sunviews at Laguna Lake near the MM are more marvelous because of air pollution.   The sunviews at Batanes are simple and not as stunning in MM.  Here are some of them

Sunset at Basco Beach

                      Silhoutte of beachcomber at sunset






                      Gone is the sun, but light still remained

Sunrise at Tukon Hills (near Mt Carmel Church)

                       A glorious morning sunrise just began

           Sun rises over the Pacific Ocean


                      Sunrise as viewed from behind the trees

                   Coconut trees outline vs golden clouds

           Mt Carmel chapel slowly being bathed in sunlight

                  The sun has risen at the East

        The tree leaves and branches look golden at sunrise

       Spectacular sunrise shot of sunrise off Pacific Ocean

          The top of radome is golden because of sunrise

                Clouds cover the top of majestic Mt Iraya

                      Basco town being bathed by sunlight

                    A different view of Mr. Carmel

         One of the cattle roads (only cattles pass this road)

                  The waiting shed near the PAG ASA radome

                  A hillside grazing land being swathed by sunlight

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