Monday, January 12, 2015

Progress of the Wind Turbine Energy Project in Bugarin

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | January 12, 2015

                See my Fuji near the giant wheels of the trailer tractor;  see the trailer at the background if you can count their wheels

Two concrete access roads are being built to the wind turbine project at Bugarin.  However, I was told the wind turbine project is near the Sampaloc area (about 10 km away). Since this is a KEPCO/Meralco Joint Project, the output of this RE project will be surely bought by the DU even without the much dreaded costly buy or take provisions. (The Distribution Units, Cooperatives will have to buy the output of the plant even if it is not consumed or distributed - this makes the power expensive  for the consumer as it happened when a former president was granted emergency power to enter into such agreement with IPP)

The blades are quite long (maybe 25 meters each) and the trailers with 30 or 40 wheels and tractors with 4 wheel drive haul the blades up the steep hills of Bugarin, and off road from this intersection to the windmills site.

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