Friday, January 2, 2015

Repairing a Campy derailleur

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | January 2, 2014

On our long ride to Majayjay the Campy derailleur malfunctioned.  It would only go as far as #23 sprocket and no more. That gave me a psychological block that prevented me from negotiating the steep climbs well.

I was able to get it back right in Luisiana, however after that the malfunction kept on coming back.

This holiday, post Christmas I tried to look at the problem well.  I found out too that the Conti tires have bald spots at the walls and reenforced these portions with cut interior tires (I wrapped around the interior) and that gives me more confidence that the Conti would give me a few thousand km more of ride.

And so I found out why I could not shift well - the cable was set wrongly at an angle so that the cable would bind with the barrel adjuster.  The cable holder was set wrong.  So after I corrected the setting, the shifter worked well again.  And so I did not have to go to Boyeth Flores or Christy.  i did it again after careful thought and problem solving.   It gives me a thrill and a sense of achievement to solve this little tricky problems with the bike.  It make you alert and challenged

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