Monday, January 12, 2015

I hope nobody gets hurt as they use the bike routes for their race tracks

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | January 12, 2015

             A big roaring bike at high speeds is dangerous

Let us pray to the Almighty that these behemoths do not and will not hurt our riding brethren as they use the bike routes we use at supersonic speeds.  They buzz us inches away at speeds of over 100 kph with deafening sounds, banking dangerously as they negotiate curves.  If they crash, they will come hurtling vs us as deadly missile projectile.

Sometimes they eat our lanes as we meet them, and it a bit surprising especially if they do it on roads with double yellow lines markers.

Maybe it is safer if they set up their own race tracks where they can hurt themselves only or each other.  The leg powered bikes and MTB are no match for the velocity, the speed, the impact of their big bikes.

Is it surprising that two days ago I heard stories near the emergency room of a provincial hospital (I live near the hospital) that two riding in tandem died in an MC accident.

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