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The Sabtang Batan Strait crossing last January 25, 2015; part of #Batanestour report by #Jorgeustraveler

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  |  January 30, 2015

             A huge wave about to hit the motorized boat?

I understand that the Recyclists climbed Caliraya resort last weekend (January 25, 2015)  Congratulations guys for the successful climb.

On the same date, we had the Sabtang tour (the island next to Batan island - the mainland of Batanes).  To get there you have to take a motorized boat from Rawandi Port at Ivana. It is a 3 to 4 km strait and that is where the China sea to the West of Batan Is. and the Pacific Ocean to the south and East of Sabtang.  And you could just imagine how wild the waves and current could be.

We boarded the boat at 7:30 and were in San Vicente Port by 8:00.  I and my companions were very much shaken and frightened by the crossing and swore they would not include the Sabtang tour if ever they had a chance to get to Batanes again.

The boat captain said the crossing is relatively calm;  however, the swells were higher than the boat roof, and there was shaking and salt spray all over.

             The Rawandi port; that is the boat we were to ride

                   The tourists were asked to wear life vests

                        All aboard and ready to go

                 One of the boat hands helping maneuver the boat out of the port onwards to Sabtang

    These concrete breakwater came from Japan and ODA

                    The waves started to get big as we left the port breakwater

                  The waves were now huge, notice how tightly one of the tourists held on to the side of the boat

We left Sabtang by 1:30 (they had to look for a couple - a lady MD from Itvayan and her bf who toured Sabtang via an MC).  It should have been earlier because the crossing becomes scarier because the winds get stronger and the waves taller.

True enough, as we were leaving port, a big swell maybe 3 meters or more hit the boat and we tilted sideways to be hit again and again for the next 5 minutes.  We become closer to our creator in such moments.

Boy am I glad I am still here.

Shall I visit Sabtang again (But this is the parish of Fr. Danny Cruz who is from Binangonan, Rizal- at San Vicente Ferrer Parish


 x                  Can you hear our hearts pounding?

 x            A relative calm

                     That is a huge wave cresting at the left

          A cell site at Sabtang island;  a km away from the boar t this time.



                    Slope protection for banks of govt buildings

                    The boat now within the safe confine of the harbor and breakwater.

                 Passengers disembarking from the boat

              Jorgeusbiker glad to have survived the crossing

                   Welcome arch of Sabtang; its a welcome feeling to be on land again.  We are not born to be fish.

                     Sabtang Lighthouse

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