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#HonestyCafe at Ivana - part of #Batanes tour report by Jorgeustraveler (?)

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Rizal Philippines  | January 30, 2015

From Poor Traveler - Honesty Coffee Shop

Ivana Church and Honesty Coffee shop from Ironwulf

One of the interesting features of our sojourn at #Batanes was the  visit to the  #HonestyCafe at Ivana, in front of the San Joseph the worker church facing the #Radiwan Port.

It is quite interesting because there are no sales clerk personnel or manager. Take what you buy (which are price marked) and you deposit your payment in a box (exact amount only please.  The store says that the "Lord is her security agent/guard"

Honesty Cafe You tube video: (by Jay Antonio)

 x                     Signage at the cafe explaining the concept behind the Honesty Cafe

              It is medium store, well visited because of its novelty and uniqueness.

                    You will be handcuffed in heaven

It works in Batan island because it is such a small island. A thief or any other criminal cant hide long in the island.  If he wishes to escape he has to cross ocean via slow boat, doing perilous crossing.  The only fast getaway is via plane and you can be easily spotted in such an airport with very few passengers.  Besides, the tribal punishment, according to the travel guide, even for simple crimes as theft was decapitation

The HonestyCafe was put up by a retired teacher (Elena Gabilo)  who pitied the poor passengers at the port who could not have snacks, hot coffee, or even CR. But she could not have the time nor the strength to manage such a store.  She came up with the idea of such a cafe with no personnel, relying on the innate nature of people to be honest.

Mind you because of 0 overhead, her goods - food and souvenirs are competitively priced.  And some like the Tubho tea is not available in Basco.  She is taught at Chavayan in Sabtang island

She says she uses the little margins she gets for her medicine and food as a senior citizen

                       Vacu for rent for picture taking

                   A welcome sign

                        It is near the port going to Sabtang

                 The St Joseph the worker church is nearby

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