Monday, January 19, 2015

I had a wild and fast steed - Fuji SL-1 for the Sierra Madre Ride last January 17, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

                    My Fuji rests at km 68 after a hard climb

                    VM leads the 3rd pack at Sampaloc

Rizal Philippines    |   January 19, 2015

His Holiness, Pope Francis leaves today for Rome, and leaves behind lessons and emotions that will not be forgotten for long

Last Saturday, as His Holiness flew to Leyte to sympathize with the Yolanda victims, we rode to Sierra Madre, via Sampaloc.

I was a hesitant starter, because I arrived late after trying to see the Pope at the Family Encounter in MoA.  I felt I was not physically up to par, and I had an appointment at 2 pm that day.

Nevertheless, I was at the appointed place, Sacred Heart Parish.   Pres Luis and I nearly collided with one another at MLQuezon in Angono, at about 5:40

Those who were with us before 6:00 am were:  Richard, Pres Luis,  Smith, and Pangskie

                      Pres Luis and Smith

             Richard, Pangskie, Jorgeusbiker and Pres Luis


 x                Did I look like lacking in sleep

                    Richard has a new frame.

We left at about 6 am and and from there on, I spun at 34 x 17 and 19 and was leading the group.   Up until Mahabang Parang, resplendent in his yellow jersey, came rushing by drafting a tricycle.  I gave chase up to the summit but I did not catch him.  I caught with him right after the school and then he overtook me again in the ascent to Callahan but I did not relent.   At the crest of Callahan I intervalled him and led him downhill; he overtook me again as we descended (he is fast in descent).  At the flats, going to Morong, we were side by side doing maybe 30+.  Then he said two others were chasing whom I found out were Smith and Echo.  I again chased the two and overtook them before km 44.  (I was so elated and happy with my bike for the first time ever I passed Hal (imaws)

Going up Namay, I stood up, held the drops, and spun;  but I was not able to hold on because Smith and Echo passed me before I could respond.  I gave up, anyway, we have rendezvous with Engr June and others who would be late like VM, Engr June (who had his birthday yesterday - BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

At Simples Lugawan

      Richard and his new bike. There is a crack near BB at his old bike, (after the c6 accident?)

                    Val, Tito Echo and dreaded Mt. Dew

                       Richard, Pangskie, Luis and Smith

                    Jimmy and VM


               Idol (back to the camera) Pangkie. Richard, Smith, Tito, Jimmy and Vhec

Those who joined us at Simples Lugawan were:  Tito Fabay, Vhec Idol,Joel (whom they allege to be mabaint - to tsalaps)and Jimmy

Group Pictures:

 Vhec, Tito, Luis, Idol, Joel, Smith, Master, Pangskie, Echo, Jimmy, Richard and Jorgeusbiker


                Smith, Jorgeusbiker, Richard, and Pangskie

Ride to Sampaloc

             Smith, Luis, Richard and Tito about to mount their horses for Sampaloc ascent

This author made a jump on the start and was there until km 52. The group overtook me but not more than 20 meters   I chased downhill and I caught up with Luis at km 53.   I pedalled furiously (sprinted) and I passed the leader, Tito, Smith and Richard at Km 54.

I just kept pedalling furiously turning left to Sampaloc.   Idol Ed passed me at Km 59 before Bostik and he was 39 x 14.  Wow.  I tried to give chase. Km 61 and Km 62 did not look so formidable as it was last December 31, 2014

I did not stop although my thighs were crying all ready. There were some struggle at Km 68 on those two turns.

I arrived at the waiting shed at 9:10.  Smith arrived at 9:15, some 5 full minutes later and the rest arrived at 9:18, 9:20 and were pretty much in hard struggle. I understand Vhec Meong and Pangskie considered this to be a signal achievement.

                 Smith was the first rider to arrive (after me he6)

        Tito followed by Echo who stood up to power his climb

     Joel, ang mabait at matsalap ang bibingkang dinadala.

                      Richard tests his new bike

                        Achievement for Vhec and Pangskie

                       Victors long legs powered his ascent

                  I had buko when Jimmy arrived some 28 mins after my arrival

I am extremely proud of my steed:  Fuji SL-1 which  made this achievement possible (thanks too to VM) for supplying me with wonderful bike and parts.

After the buko feeding, (only P15 here and bought some ginger) I pedalled back home and I arrived at about quarter to 12.  Went to office and then appeared at my appointment

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