Monday, January 12, 2015

Yesterday, triple 1, January 11, 2015 was a fine day to bike; Recylists biked to Jalajala

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  January 12, 2015

                     I used the Fujiko, and I took picture of it with the lorry that transported the blades of wind turbine to the windmills project site

I missed the tropas bike ride to Jalajala yesterday.  I think they just left as I was arriving at Pisong Kape. I had to fill up my tank as it was   empty; I did not have my breakfast. However I was happy with my ride.  I did the Angono to Pililla ride in 1:05 (it used to be 1:10 or more )

After going back to Arnie Barker's book Smart Biking,  there are certain activities I incorporate in my ride:

1.  sprinting and or anaerobic exercise which may involve:  15 to 30 seconds all out hard effort that leave you breathless;

2.  hill climb -  shifting to higher gear and pounding hard effort during the last 200 meters or 2nd half of the climb

Thus I practiced this yesterday.

I divided my ride into 3 parts:

1.  My bike ride from Tayuman to Morong.   Some riders tried to drop me in Binangonan, however I caught up with them:   Mike Francisco Dennis, and Jimmy.  I raced up at Mahabang Parang, I caught up with Jimmy at the crest near Looc before the Iglesia and did not see him again.  A 711 rider passed me at crest of Callahan and I caught up with him downhill.  I TTd up to km 44 and did not see him

2.  From Morong to Pililla.  There were 3 riders in TT bikes and overtook me before Lagundi.  However, a dog crossed my path and I had to brake hard.  I lost the 3 riders;  they were about 200 meters away when I was up to speed.  However, I passed two groups of riders:   one at km 52 (going up to the Baras Tanay Hill) and the other at km 57 to 58.

   I noticed that I tired less, and as I negotiated the final long hill before going down at Pisong Kape, I was easily riding at 50 x 17 and I did not have to stand.

3.  From Pisong Kape to Bugarin.   I used a 50 x23 gear and was easy riding maybe 11 to 12 kph and the climb did not seem so hard.  Somebody tried to pass me at the final 300 meters to km 68, the guy was in pink and black jersey and I and him did an imaginary sprint to km 68 headstone.  I beat him by a mere say 6 inches.  But I held my own vs a much younger (by 20 years old) rider

I was happy with my ride yesterday.

                         Early pollution in Tayuman

                     Magnificent view of Laguna Lake from near Manggahan at Bugarin (km 61)

                          Close up of the railing and vegetation

                         A throng of riders at Pisong Kape

                     Another view of plentiful riders at Pisong Kape

                      Bonfire smoke gets into your lungs just before the Pililla municipal hall.

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