Thursday, January 1, 2015

Proposed bike ride to Baguio City or Sagada

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   | January 1, 2015

                          Richard, left, announced the proposed long ride;  Archie and Choco beside him

Happy New Year everyone.  Wishing every one a happy and prosperous year ahead of us -  uneventful, challenging, and causing us to improve and be better in our ride.

In the last Christmas party held last December 30, 2014, last year, Richard Ang, the MC announced the planned ride to Baguio City or Sagada.  The scheduled ride will be on Feb  20 21, 22

1.  The Baguio City option -  1st day ride to Urdaneta, 225 km flat ride; 2nd day ride to Baguio City 78 km, sleep at the Leonard Wood Gonzales inn, 3rd day, bus ride to Manila

2.  The Sagada option.   Leave Angono from Unishoppe at 12 midnight of 19th, arrive Sagada 12 noon, rest;  2nd day ride from Sagada to Baguio City via Halsema highway, stay sleep in Baguio City;   3rd day ride down to Rosario via Marcos Highway, or take bus ride from Baguio City;  let bikes ride to Manila.

The group voted 14  to 12 in favor of Sagada.

The damage will cost about P25,000 and means P1,000 each contribution for gas, food, board and lodging, excluding bus ride and pasalubong.  I remember I and Armin being member of the finance committee.

The concern of others is the cramped condition of everyone in travel from Angono to Sagada if there are only 3 vehicles.  (Defender,  say 10 pax, Patrol say 8 and the truck (that would be difficult for a 11 hour ride

                                  VMs project at start of 2015; thanks VM for wallet and the project

                Start making your contribution to Wesluk;  oy yong utang pa sa uniporme, magbayad na! Pareng Luis conducting the exchange gift

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