Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas party at the house of Jess Verchez and family today, December 30, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  |  December 30, 2014

We finally had the Christmas party today December 30, 2014 at the house of Jess Verchez. They  planned it before last December 22, 2014 but the group had to postpone it because VM would not be able to come because of previous corporate commitment

The event was to be potlach, and we had to bring P100 worth of gifts for exchange.  Those who were in attendance:

1.  Jess V
2.   Abet V
3.  Rome Bautista
4.  Smith Unidad
5.  Hannah Unidad
6.  Edgar (7 days)
7.  Alan Astorga
8.  Vhen
9.  Jeff
10.  Angel
11.  Weng
12.  Joel
13.  Luis
14.  Erning Mariposa
15.  Choco2
16.  Armin Zapanta
17.  Archie Zapanta
18.  VM
19.  Jorguesbiker
20.  Pangskie Gil
21.  Tito Fabay
22.  Gerry Y
23.  Nolite
24.  Richard
25.  Ed (Green Lantern)
26.  Exequiel Villadiego
27.  Val
28.   Vec

Those who did not come:

1. Master
2.  Jericho
3.  Engr. June
4.  Chito
5.   Secx Noe
6.  Papa Ric

There were singing, exchange gifts, distribution of ID, and  announcement of group ride either to Baguio or Sagada on February 20, 21, and 22.

                      Gifts for exchange

                       Recyclists join the party

                         Some came with their bike

                                 Tito Alan, Richard, Vhen, Armin and Archie

                                     Angel, 7 days and Green Lantern

                                    Meong, Vhen, Jeffrey, Joel, Angel, 7 days and Erning

                                    Richard, Archie,and new look Choco2

                              Vhen, the host, Jess, Archie, Richard, Wesluk, Nolite

                                  Long shot of the Recyclists

                              The video kings:   Gerry, Meong (hidden) Jimmy and Joel

                        Smith, Armin, Tito and Hannah (daughter of cousin Smith who is also a cyclist

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