Friday, December 26, 2014

What, bike ride on Christmas day?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  December 26, 2014

There were plenty of bikers on the road yesterday.  We cant throw off what the body wants to keep fit.

I biked solo up to Pililla (Pisong Kape) where I met Master E.  I tried to reach Pisong Kape in one hour.  It is still the same:  one hour and ten minutes.    Later Tito Fabay arrived and we went up to OL.  There we had buko (only P20.00)  We were there up to 9:00 and then we biked down.  I had a bill changed to P5.00 coins and threw some children by the roadside  for the spirit of Christmas.  Katuwaan lang.

Then back at Pisong Kape.  We met VM there.  Had some talk.  Unfortunately it rained and so we had to wait it out.  There we learned that Julius Rivera, of Baytown met an accident at C6 and had serious head injuries at about 4 am when he went home yesterday from a party (he drunk too) much. He was an LBC driver mechanic at last Ronda.  We rode to Baguio together on my first ever Angono to Baguio ride with Val

I kept pace with VM when we rode until Morong and Cardona.  I lost him at ascent to LLDA (but not much).  I could now sustain his speed and TT with him and not be dropped.

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