Monday, December 22, 2014

Bike ride to Real Up to Cell Site yesterday (December 21, 2014)

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | December 22, 2014

                             Happy birthday Gerry

This rider unexpectedly joined Idol (Ed Valdez) and Angel Balubar in a bike ride to Real Quezon (up to the cell site tower after about a mile long steep ascent after the quarry.

I started out with a plan to only ride to Morong and probably join the group up to Pisong Kape.   I joined Master after brief stop at Sacred Heart Parish in Tayuman.  He was on ride/spinning mode and was in no hurry.  We ended up in Morong at about 7+ am.  It was the birthday of Gerry Y and all the lugaw and mountain dew were on him.

Happy Birthday, Gerry (he said the age is a secret)

We had the core group there:   Master, Joel, Vhen, Ed Valdez,  Alan, Jess. Angel, and Gerry K.   Pres. Luis was not there.

Then we biked to Pisong Kape.  Those who overtook me were Angel, Idol, Jess and Gerry.  The last three were the second batch and who overtook me.  However they were not very far ahead as I was probably doing 32 to 35 kph

Idol nudged, encouraged me to join him going to Real near the cell site before Lllavac (which I consider to be very tough as most of the steep portions are there)

And so I joined him. We were together up to Km 62 and then Angel joined us and they left me at km 64.

And we stopped at buko station all ready in Mabitac and the buko costs P20.00 wow. The buko salad demand is high.

And then to Famy and we were there at the intersection by 9:30. We arrived at Real by 11;00. The weather was very bad in Real, as if there was a typhoon. We rested for about 3 minutes and we went back. (Of course I was behind by 2 to 3 minutes) Idol Ed does this long ride every week end - either Famy or Real. That is why is undefatiagable and strong.

We ate lunch up to 12:30 at Sofias at Famy and then on to Pililla. We were there by 1:30. There Ed saw a companion and there they decided to go back to Cubao via Sampaloc.

Last night Richard was inquiring as to our destination last while he was on a motorcycle (about 6 pm) and I said we went to Real with idol and Angel. This morning, Vhen made the same inquiry. He was surprised that I was able to do it. (Considering the advanced age of this rider.)

Could you achieve the same feat?

I was home by 3:30 and I was tired and hungry. I must have eaten 1/2 of the rice cooked and i whole big plapla

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