Monday, December 29, 2014

Another Llavac Real Location in Marcos Highway

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Rizal  Philippines   | December 29, 2014

Little Baguio blog

Last December 26, 2014, my neighbor showed me his property in Sitio Malapad  Llavac Real, Quezon.  The place is called Little Baguio.

This is frequented by MC riders and MTBs.  

I was not  interested in his invitation to join him before.  But when I visited the place and experienced the cold winds, the fog, the vegetation, and the cool temperature.  And sure the overlooking view of the Pacific Ocean and the Laguna Lake....Such great views.

All ready the speculators are trooping to the area especially the Chinese.

Km 89 in Lllavac via the Famy Real road has wild weather and challenging uphill climb (about 2 km of uphill climb). I would say that that is the most challenging part of the climb.  However the challenging part of the Marcos Llavac is on the way back.  

So two destinations at Km 89 in Real.

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