Monday, December 15, 2014

Finally I biked again yesterday December 14, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  December 15, 2014

I was able to bike yesterday finally.  However I started out very late at 8:00 am because of previous 2 days conference in Calamba City. (I started out early about 7:40 Saturday evening from Calamba but I arrived at the house 11:15 because it was difficult to get a ride home -  it was Christmas shopping time and it even rained)

I arrived at Morong at about 9:00 am and there were no bikers in sight;  I had the usual lugaw with egg and the food server had all her eyes on me..

At 9:15 I biked to Pililla and I met the Recyclists at Km 58 and so I made a U turn and made a wild dash to catch up with them.  I never did.  I caught up with them at Maybancal (Simples Lugawan)  Who were with the group:   Gerry Y, Gerry K, Alan, Angel, Master, Joel, VM, 7 days, Val, Boy Naval

At about 10:30 we  rode home.  I joined Master  Boy Naval, and Joel to ride home via Teresa.  Now Boy Naval lives in Beverly Hills Antipolo that is why he is a very strong mountain climber.  I learned just now that we are both 63 and he rides a GTS aluminum bike with 53-39 chain ring and 12 to 23 sprockets. (had 12 to 27 sprocket but only stayed at 25 to test my legs)  I kept with Boy until the last ascent, and there near the Avida, Joel did an interval on me.  Of course I caught up with Joel at China Bank.  I was home by 12 noon.

I has happy with this Teresa climb/ride and I had to sleep the whole afternoon and the whole night to recover

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