Monday, December 1, 2014

Our real ride that was cancelled by rain

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines

We had a scheduled ride to Real yesterday.  But it was still raining until 4 am.  I texted Pres Luis and he said the ride was cancelled.  It stopped raining past 5 and then I rode out;  whatever ride will do.

I Tagpos I saw Gerry  and he stopped me.  He asked where were the rest.  And so we decided to continue riding up to Pisong Kape. We were there by 7 which was a pretty fast clip. He said we averaged 25 kph with top speed of of 33 kph.  By 730 I  informed by text Pres Luis that we were there at Pisong Kape, the rain having stopped.  He said "malapit na kami"  And soon enough came:  Chito, Weng, and Ed (idol)

By 8 am we climbed Bugarin and planned to go up to Famy (Real side) and maybe make to LLavac.  Soon when we were past KM 69, it rained and we chanced upon a vegie vendor selling yellow ginger sigarillas and passion fruit.  We left when the rain stopped.  However past San Miguel it rained again.  There we voted if we will do Jala jala ride or FAmy.  But the skies darkened at North and West and we said we just turn back.   We saw Bubuy and Ariel tried to brave it out going down to Mabitac.  But soon they were back.

Weng, I and Pres Luis did some vegie marketing.  We bought yellow ginger, sigarillas and passion fruit.  We suppose the roadside vendor had some rice and viand for the day?

We went down Pisong Kape, had conversation by about 10 and rode again.  But when we reached Pililla Mun Building (where they had a big Pina)) it rained again.  Shall we go to Joel in Cainta, because it was their town fiesta..And when it was past 11, we said we have to ride through the rain.  It was surprising that when we reached Baras and Morong, there was no rain.

However at Morong, in front of Save More, I lost my balance, tried to grab the median fence,and I failed to have a solid hold;   I hurt my knee my hand, and my ribs crashed against a signage.  There was an ugly reddish bruise and it hurts, especially when I cough. One of the rare moments to have a crash

We have to be careful.  I keep on saying that. But biking is a risky affair and these things happen.  Tiis na lang. I find it difficult to make this post because of sore left hand

We ride to Real next week.?

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