Monday, December 1, 2014

We meet great people in biking (not vikings)

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines

We meet celebs as we bike like Andrew Arellano, Jen Mercado, John Sapayton.

Yesterday, I had conversation with Ed Valdez, (idol) and surprisingly he had great ideas:   on proposed solar farm project of his uncle in Tarlac, software company offering various solutions to businesses, and radiant energy tech (from Nikolai Tesla) which he has been working on for 15 years. This promises to revolutionize the way we look at energy.

Then we had  Jam Santiano who posted on YBN chains.  He used to work with Mit Motors but now at a universal bank marketing of auto loans as a senior manager. His mother he said is an SVP at the said bank.    i asked his help to connect me to solar panel financing, and trust funds for a company we are about to acquire.

Who says you cant do business with fellow bikers?

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