Monday, February 9, 2015

Our bike ride yesterday - February 8, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal  Philippines   |  February 9, 2015

                       Group pic after we finally met at around 11 after they biked to OL and I to Jalajala

   This biker started out to Antipolo at 6:30 am reaching the church at about 7:10. That should have been earlier, had pictures of the Red Cross not been taken.

                     Devotees line up for a chance to pay homage to the image of Our Virginn of Good Voyage

                     Listening to the mass outside the church

                          Church goers standing up for Gloria

                        MTB in front of the church

Tower Hills gear was 39 x 19;  up to fiber tex 39 x 21 and at Beverly Hills 39 x 27.   Last bend it was back to 39 x 25.  I do not pant anymore and get aerobic as I climb Antipolo.

By 7:40, I went up to Robinson, and then down to Teresa.  I negotiated the uphill there at 53 x 17 and always sprint at the last part of the climb (that is what they always tell you to be stronger)

I was at Morong by 8:10 and then had breakfast at Simple's Lugawan.  By 8:30 I left for Pililla.   trailed some bikers but had to make an excursion to see some real estate in Tanay.  On the way, near Pilila at km 59, two bikers overtook me at the last left hand bend before the descent to Pisong Kape. But then I sprinted before the finish line (Pisong Kape),  One of the bikers who, is from Jalajala went ahead and I played rubber band with him:   as we ascended the Quisao hill, and from Quisao to Malaya.  But then, I could not match his motivation to go home

By 9:30, I was at Malaya and then returned home and was at Pisong Kape by 10:00 am.  There I had a banana ang Gatorade.   Then take off for Morong.  At the road, two bikers overtook me at km 54; they said they are from Taguig.  One was a roadie the other one was an MTB.  I overtook the MTB before San Fabian, and overtook the roadie at the flat near the orchids.  They passed me again before the Baras crossing, and before Lagundi I again kept abreast.  I gave up the chase before Maybancal where I saw the tropa resting and having their free food at Simples.
They came from OL, instead of Jalajala as announced.

I had longer and more difficult mileage than them.

They took off at 11:30 and then I went to the house of Jorge Angeles near Namay.  But then again it was fiesta and I had to oblige....

                           Two Eds (green lantern and Idol)

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