Monday, February 16, 2015

Wheels of Power (wind turbines) are now up at Bugarin

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  February 16, 2015

                        As seen from Quisao

Many would not have noticed it but the wind turbines of the first wind turbines power energy source have gone up.  This rider noted this while resting in Malaya as he returned from a Jalajala solo ride.

He noted the stark contrast between fossil fuel Malaya power plant (run on dirty bunker fuel) and clean and renewable wind power.

When completed this wind farm would produce 50+ mW.  This is is built at a loan of $130 million from various Philippine banks led by China bank.  It is a joint venture between Meralco and Keppco (the one maintaining Malaya power plant

       The wind turbines seen at Y intersection of Halayhayin

                     3 towers just like 3 crosses


                       This could be a tourist attrqction

                 Renewable energy has come of age in Pililla

                 The turbine towers as seen from Pisong Kape

The wind turbines as seen from Jalajala Pillia road
      Non renewable (left - the Malaya bunker fuel fired) power plant vs the renewable energy source from wind power seen at the right

                Green energy source visible at upper right (taken from Malaya)

                     The wind turbines are visible 15 km away


                     The wind turbines as seen from Quisao

                     View about 7 km away nearing Halayhayin

                   A tele shot from Quisao

                 No need to go to Ilocos to see wind turbines

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