Monday, February 23, 2015

My story about the Angono to Baguio City ride from February 20 to 21, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  February 23, 2015

        Gerry and others assemble at Holy Gardens Angono

I have sore butt (the blister caused by chafing with the seat peeled off) sore thighs, badly sunburned face and arms, glycogen depleted body.  I was not able to post yesterday

Some trivia about the climb;

1.  There were 23 joiners:

                Victory, victory victory, achievement again

 x                      They posed at Lions head for 6th time

      Buwis buhay group pic at the Benguet welcome arch

2.  3 of the 23 were not able to complete the journey from the Camp 6 up to Baguio City due to cramps, and bum stomach

3.  The first day journey of 200 km took 12 hours to complete (quite a record) compared to previous rides.  We left at 5 am and arrived a little past 5. It was all ready dark at SM Rosales when we arrived there in 2013.  But we were at Rosales at 5 pm.   Nobody got lost (team vehicle or rider) no had major mechanical trouble.


1.  My chain jumped going down Tandang Sora flyover, Smith had a flat at MIndanao avenue (and another in Kennon road. My seat kept on tilting up thus causing discomfort at my butt

2.  The causes of major delays were:

    1.  THe bridge undergoing repair at Apalit;   we had to walk about 300 meters and cross a suspension bridge (that was about 11 am)

   2.  THe madri gras (Ati Atihan) at Mabalacat.  We had to walk about 3 km because the street dancing blocked the stretch from Mabalacat town proper up to SCTEX.  If I may say, it was foolish and great "pruwisyo" to motorist.  I wondered what they gained from this event.  They must have spent at least 5 millions for this event.

4.  The halimaws as usual dominated the ride pacing at about 35 to 45+

5. I tried to pull 3x from Tarlac and Mabalacat but I did not get help.  Upon departure, and in Ortigas, and Katips, I also pulled while spinning

6.  The arrival at the Baguio City was 3 pm (compared to 2 pm before)

      1.  Some had flats from Urdaneta to Rosario (Gerry)

     2.  Vhen and Smith had flat at Kennon Road

7.  The strong 9 to first arrive at Camp 6:


 x                    Netoy Mariposa was very strong

       We must have spent about 2t for the refreshment here

                       Plenty of pakwan rind

    1.  Tito
    2. Jeff
    3.  Jericho
    4.  Richard
    5.  Weng
    6.  Netoy
    7.  Gerry
    8.  Diego
    9.  JB!!!! (surprise)

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