Monday, February 23, 2015

Story and chronology of our ride

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal Philippines  |  February 23, 2015

 A little bit of chronology:

                  Meong and Vhen

                      Richard and VM

    February 20, 2015

3- 4 am assembly

4:45 departure for Manggahan church

5:30 arrive at Manggahan church, say a little pray

6:00 depart from Manggahan Church

7:00   Valenzuela

7:30  SM Marilao

9:00 Apalit bridge

10:00 SFDO

10:30 depart for Angeles City

11:30 Angeles City

 x                        Gerry

                 Archie and Armin sent us food pabaon

                       It was Gerry's first BC climb


                Arrival at Manggahan church;  that is Echo

                             Val and the Pope

 x          Gerry approaching those praying for our safe ride

                           VMs Dogma

      Val and Jeff at the Van terminal at Manggahan church

 x             Prayers are done; preparing to depart

         Echo was called for a Command conference at Mindanao avenue
                      Waiting for Echo's conference at Shell station

                   Nagmumuni2 si Master E

                  Netoys first time to join;  (where is the son?)

                      Still waiting for Echo to finish

       Smith had his first spat of the day with his bike - a flat

                    Jeff  waiting for others at cor of MacArthur from Valenzuela exit

                      What did Gerry do?

                       First to arrrive at SM Marilao (7:26)

            Netoy with his new haircut, showing off his bike

                     Others arrive some 10 minutes later

                  Richard fixing a flat;  he mistook my derailment for a flat?!
                      Resting at Marilao SM sidewalk

                      VM besides the everdependable Defender

                    Partaking of Joels bibingka

12:00 Mabalacat

12:30  depart for Tarlac City

1:00 delay at Mabalacat

1:30 assembly at Bamban

2:30 Tarlac city  (the guys were fast)

2:45 depart for Rosales

3:00  Moncada

5:00 SM Rosales

6:00 pm City Inn Urdaneta

                 Pit stop at San Fernando, junction

                   Lunch at Dau;  nabighani ni Abi - that is Weng

                        Preparing for departure


 x                   Chito flashes a sign on the way to Mabalacat


 x                      Gerry

 x                       JB and Jeff riding towards Bamban

 x                        JB

 x                        JB with still unpaid yellow Mavic shoes

 x                        Resting barefoot at Luisita Park



 x               Vhen Pres Luis and Smith


 x                Photo  Shoot from Defender

            They got crazy from too much riding and fatigue?

                         We arrived early at SM Rosales

                       Others unshod and wore slippers on the way to Urdaneta.   Jeff removed his very wet and smelly jersey and changed clothes

February 21, 2015

5:30   depart for Jollibee Urdaneta

6:00  arrive at Jollibee

6:30 depart for Rosario La Union

7:40  arrive at Shell Rosario

8:20 those who got flats started to arrive.

9:00 depart for Benguet Province

11:00 arrive at Camp 6

12: 00 depart for Lions head

12:30 arrive at Lions head;  photo ups up to 1:10

3:00 arrive at the Inn

Then lunch of SInigang, Plapla, bananas and pakwan

Tito and I had obligations in our jobs and had to depart for Cubao at 4:00.  We got our ride at 5:20.  Our Victory bus was not so victorious;  it had broken fan belt at San Manuel. at a little past 9 pm.  We got a ride at 9:45 and we stood up until Tarlac  City. We arrived in Cubao at 12:45.  Took the jeep up to Sta Lucia until 1:30 and I was home by 2:30

                        Breakfast at Jollibee

                 Meong, Gerry,  Jimmy, Netoy and Vhen

         Hungry riders loading fuel for the hard climb ahead

                      The Verchez brods;  Jess inalalayan si Jun2 all the way to BC

                 Joel, Gerry, Diego and Echo

                      VM and Matmat

                          Our bikes

                      Richard tends his new bike

                    Jollibee is biker friendly? (dahil early pa?)

                  Preparing for departure

      VM finishing his drink at Shell Select in Rosario La Union

                  Pres Luis awaits the other bikers left behind

                     As if they own the nook

                        Group pic of early birds

                       Echo fines tune his bike; a first timer

                          Bikes and cars parking

                       Late arrivals

                        Vhen (first timer too)

             Netoy flashes a v sign (first timer too)

                            Edgar arriving at the Shell station


At the Welcome arch
                      Richard raises new bike in triumph

                          Group pic

                    JB borrows Smiths bike to raise up

                     Jericho in triumphant pose

                       Edgar raises bike

                   Fujiko clad in Zipp with 27 sprocket

                      2nd to the last bridge before Camp 6

                  He6 I was ahead of Netoy and Gerry

                         Taking refreshment at Camp 6

At Lions Head



                      Gunning each other with their bikes


               Shot taken too far away.  Jess?

                      Tito going up


                      Gerry near the view deck


                       Richard and Weng

                       VM and his C59 Colnago;  new shoes and bike for this portion of the ride!!!

                      Resting after the hard ride;  Smiths first too

                      Umuutot si Vhen

              Master JB and Chito (Chito taking a selfie


At the inn

                    Our bikes need to be safe

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