Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feeding stations at Angono Baguio City ride last February 20 to 21 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal Philippines |February 24, 2015

          Breakfast at Jollibee Urdaneta on February 21, 2015
Master E, JB, Richard, Meong, Vhen and Chito

We resupplied and retanked our fuel tanks as we rode at the following areas:

February 20, 2015

1.  SM Marilao   8:00 am  breakfast

2.  San Fernando City crossing -  11 am snacks

3.  Dau   12 am  -  lunch at Abis place

4.  San Manuel   8 pm -  snacks at 7 11

5.  Dinner-   Maxs Urdaneta (kami ni Sir VM, Matmat, and Master

   Eating bibingka, egg and bananas at SM Marilao parking

                  The bibingka is Joels contribution


               Group pics after taking candies and soda at San Fernando junction

             Abi was the main attraction at lunch at Dao.  The food servers were wondering where we came from because we asked urgently for food and water.... (We asked which way to Batangas?}

           Having been fed and hydrated ready to ride again

February 25. 2015

1. Urdaneta City  -  Breakfast    6:00

2.  Shell Select -  Sison Pangasinan  -  7:30

3.  Camp 6 -  Snacks    11:00 am

4.  Lunch   Baguio City Inn   3 pm

 x                   Lining up for their turn at Jollibee:  Vhen, Echo, Netoy, Master, Gerry - mabilis itong linyang ito.   Sa line ko 3 lang kami inabot ako ng 30 minutes

             Meong, Gerry, Jimmy, Netoy and Vhen enjoying their breakfast.

At Urdaneta City Jollibee

                Rommel, Luis, Weng, Tito, Joel, Gerry, Echo

                        Verchez brods

                   An all M table:   Joel Gerry and Diego

                      Our sponsors:  VM and Mat2

                      Chito, Vhen, and JB

                   Master, JB, Richard, Meong, Vhen and Chito

                       Richard tending his bike

At Shell Select, Rosario, La Union



                       Pres Luis

                 Junjun,  Richard, Chito, Jess, Jeff

       Smith, Joel, Luis  Tito, Meong, Gerry, Echo, Val and Jess

                            JB now seated; included in the photo

                     Echo fixing something on his bike

                      JB and Val;  old companion in BC ride

                        Jess and Chito

At Camp 6
        The first 8 Gerry, Diego,Tito, Chito, Richard, Jeff, Echo, Netoy
  We bought plenty of food:  biscuits, water, soda, pakwan, energy drink, P5 for CR use.

                         JB now part of the first 9

At Baguio Inn

          We had our lunch at 3 pm.  we were so hungry I bet we could have eaten wood.  We had sinigang na baboy, pla pla and pakwan

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