Monday, February 23, 2015

Boasting time for JB in the bike ride to Baguio City

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal  Philippines   |  February 23, 2015

I think I prepared hard for this ride.  The opportunity to ride again this far and this hard, may not come again. By June I will be 64 yo. I hope God gives me the strength of mind and body to continue this adventure (foolishness to some)

But what did I do to get this far:

1.   Doing stationary bike rides of at least 30 minutes 3x a week doing:

    1.  Spinning
    2.  Sprints
    3.  Isolated leg training (ILT)  for at least 4 mins each side
    4.  Standing (with heavy gears) for at least 4 mins.

2.  Long rides to Real, Famy, Sampaloc (alone and with the group) and Angono Mahabang Parang

3.  Group rides and trying to catch up with 34 chain ring to spin fast and to surge

4.  Hard interval training (HIT) going uphill and very briefyly 5x every ride.

5.  Strengthening of core muscles by:

      sit ups
      push ups (varied one arm)

The outcomes are:

1.  I did not find trouble catching up with the leaders

2.  I was able to pull the group 3x during the ride and even passing much stronger riders:   at Ortigas, at Katips, and from Valenzuela to Marilao.  At Tarlac to Luisita and Luisita partially (to Pangasinan)

3.  I initially was with the peloton up to Binalonan (with Richard and Jun jun) until my seat tilted up again.  I stuck with Val from Binalonan to Rosario (may be because of respect and he had heavy back up he did not drop me??!)

4. I was the 8th man to reach Camp 6.  I passed a lot of riders from Camp 1 to 5.  Had I not taken the picture of Gerry and Netoy I would be the Number 7 guy to arrive.

5.  This time I was able to ride up Lions head without stopping.  I spun and used the 27 gear of the Zipp lent to me by VM to my best advantage.

6.  I passed several riders who were ahead of me at Lions Head (since we had to leave in intervals for photo ops). from Lions head to view deck.

I thanks the Lord for giving me this strength and may I continue to ride with the group till I am very very old and till my last breath.

                     Riding from Angeles to Dau

                            Flirting with Smith's Orbea

                       VM lent me a very light Zipp wheelset that had #27 cog that helped me do my best ride last Saturday

                      I did not walk up to Lions head the steepest part of the ride.

        Master kids me often that I am strong;  I was and I am

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