Monday, February 2, 2015

Have pity on Senior Citizens on bike ride.!

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  February 2, 2015

Yesterday, Richard and I were together from Angono up to Sacred Heart church as we started past 6:00 am. He said we get severe lashes from Pres. Luis for being late.  So after our prayers we left for Morong.

It was kind of challenge to keep up with Richard who is young and well practiced.  I was out of practice for two weeks because of the tour mentioned.

We were together neck to neck up to Callahan were he stood up and he left me by some 30 meters and he disappeared at the flats.  I tried to catch up with him and sprint.  I caught up with him though at Callahan and passed him near the summit (barely by 3 inches) and we were panting like tired dog and  rabbits when we reached Simples Lugawan.  I biked up to the crest of hill after Maybancal and returned.  (I would do 2 more bike returns:  one to km 52 to be with Sonny Barde) and then to Tanay when I met the tropa who returned because of the train)

I could have chalked up more than 80 km for repeated rides to and fro.

When I got back to have breakfast at Simples Lugawan, I pleaded/joked with Richard not to punish the seniors (although he said as we rode that I could be wrong about my age.  hahaha6}

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