Monday, February 16, 2015

Jalajala is such a paradise road for bikers

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  February 16, 2015

                      A postcard picture perfect view of Jalajala bike destination

I love to ride to Pililla (Quisao) and Jalajala.  There is peace and quiet - not too many vehicles, roads are smooth like glass, and plenty of shade trees.  Years before, when I visit my sister abroad, all I do was watch cable TV, go to malls and bike.

Now that there are cable TVs, nice malls in the PHL and nice place to bike to, why still go line up and be humiliated at US embassy, harassed by US customs and Immigration officials,  You save a lot of money, anger and frustration


                      My bike parked along Jalajala road

                      Jalajala Pililla boundary


                    The lake is visible from the road





                        Dragon fruit farm in Jalaja

                    Dried flowers of a weed;  is a fire wick?

                   That is Mt. Banahaw


                  I bought rice cakes from the lady in green

                   That is Talim island


                    Smooth as silk road


                      Paradise for biker

                      I took this picture while biking

                 Jesus Christ Redeemer at the Mountainside

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